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Denise S.

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Pet Sitter Zurich

  • Animal:
    Katze, Hund, Fisch, Kleintiere
  • Category: Express PetSitting/ Overnight Care/ Pet Feeding/ Pet Sitting/ Pet Walking/ Vacation Replacement
  • Location: 8052 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Availability: Overnight Stay
  • Mobile: No
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  • Updated 5 Jahren ago


I speak English und ich spreche Deutsch. All prices are negotiable although I do have some basic rates. I am an animal lover and owner. I have experience with special needs pets such as, specific dietary restrictions, diabetic insulin injection and oral medications. I was a pet sitter in Portland Oregon for over ten years. My clients were referred to me by friends. I have lived in Zurich for two years and have familiarized myself with its neighborhoods. I brought my beloved pets with me as well from the states. I absolutely love walking dogs, and I treat animals with respect and adoration. I know that you want your pets treated with the same love and affection that you would give to them. I am that person!


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