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    Vogel, Katze, Hund, Express-Petsitting, Fisch, Kleintiere
  • Category: Overnight Care/ Pet Day Care/ Pet Feeding/ Pet Sitting/ Pet Walking
  • Location: 4052 Basel, Switzerland
  • Availability: Overnight Stay
  • Mobile: No
  • Salary: CHF 25
  • Updated 4 Monaten ago


I’m Marta, a 31-year-old portuguese girl who has just moved to Switzerland. I love animals, I always feel more at peace with them and I feel that they have a way to bring out the best in us.

I have a dog called Baltazar, he’s a 13 year old black lab. He is the friendliest dog and an eternal puppy. He’s been with us since he was two months old. He is a bit spoiled because he was our first dog and my sister and I had a hard time disciplining him because he was too adorable for us.

I am reliable and have done pet sitting in Lisbon and also in Australia, when I lived there. I will treat them as if they were mine, because I know how hard it can be to trust our animals to someone else.

I like being able to spend time taking care of animals as part of my job, it makes me feel lucky to have this opportunity.


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